Water : Elixir of Life

Hello! beautiful people of Wannabe superpower country 🙂

Before you push your mind to the limits and conclude that this is such a childish topic taught in primary classes to write an article upon, allow me to throw some light on the present situation of our country which will explain that why “Wannabe” isn’t going anywhere soon.

As a soon as I would mention the word ‘RAIN’ your mind will drift towards the enchanting aroma of the surroundings, the mesmerizing hot coffee and the unforgettable dance you did with your darling in the last rain.
But there is an alternate world existing right between us who has been far far away from these pleasures of life, who still hasn’t given up on mankind & believe that they too will find the elixir of life ,one fine day.

In the scorching hot weather where we are once again reminded by nature that how important the art of saving(true in every case, right?) is, I am sharing my views on rising questions on carelessness of government & things which led to this situation.

10 States of our country are suffering with severe drought. Surprised ? 
People are struggling for every single drop of water not just for drinking as well as agricultural purposes.

What led to this situation ?

Due to little(or no) rainfall this year, about 302 districts from 614 have been suffering from scarcity of water. It has been asked from the states like Maharashtra, Odisha, Telangana, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Haryana, and Gujrat that how they have planned to manage in this situation. Seeing their own people die, to understand government’s action plan just one scenario is enough.
Going by government’s definition, 66 crore people of 18 States are in grave danger of being hit by drought. Weather department warned us a long time before and declared half of country as drought effected, but apart from Karnataka every other state delayed in considering this natural disaster.

Even after strictly asking not 1 but two times to release MNREGA funds by supreme court judge Mr. Madan B Lokur, the government seems unaffected and is neither paying attention towards drought affected 10 states. In another clash between supreme court and Haryana government on 12th March, the court went all guns blazing suggesting them that this is not a child’s play where you will keep asking for more time for showing action plan.

It’s pretty clear that state government is perfectly fine with facing heat in the court but they would not do simply do for what they had been chosen for.


Even the central government’s reaction to this whole situation doesn’t look promising. When court asked for a detailed report on 10 states being drought affected, additional solicitor general P.N Narsimha presenting on behalf of central government said that “It is the duty of the state government to declare whether a state is in clasp of drought or not. The duty of central government is to provide fund and to monitor the policies.
The court went one step ahead with this and said if it is quite apparent that a state is going to be affected by drought & state government isn’t declaring drought then isn’t it is the duty of center govt. take matter in their own hands to which center replied “According to constitutional parliamentary organization of governing bodies it is the duty of the state government only.

Surprisingly(or not) no political party seems to be doing better than what our courts doing for us. They not only think about the criminals, scandals & the progress government make on their policies but also the internal war our nation’s population has been fighting. The ministers are not being proactive which is a much needed element to help people in getting back on track.

But the supreme court, totally understanding the pain of the forgotten part of the population demanded that if the matter is now in between State govt. and courts, then shouldn’t Central govt. take control of the situation ?

Who’s responsible for this ?

  • SOFT DRINK COMPANIES : It takes 3.5 liters of water to make 1 liters mineral water bottle, whereas preparing 300 ml. soft drink requires 9 times of water. Going by the estimation, soft drink companies waste 7000 crores liters of water every single year.
  • IPL : This year IPL T-20 matches is to be conducted in 3 cities of Maharashtra – Mumbai, Nagpur & Pune. A single IPL match requires 0.3 million liters of water which means total of 60 lakhs liters of water. However, Mumbai High Court  strictly asked BCCI to shift the venue outside of Maharashtra so as not to elevate the problem in already drought suffering state.
  •  DAMS : Even after spending approximately 70 thousand crores in irrigation programs, Maharashtra has only 18% for land irrigation purposes. 70% of this water goes to sugarcane crop field. Why is government promoting these crops in such dry areas? Apart from that these areas have alcohol factories which also uses water in great amount.
  • WE THE PEOPLE : Excessive usage of water has led to depletion of water table. Government provided pumps and tube wells on subsidy rates.

We can’t blame companies or people and ask to stop using water. This is clearly not a solution in the ever rising demand with the huge population we have. The only possible solution is to conserve water in whatever way we can. The idea is to not disturb the Water Cycle.

For the sake of generations to come…

Come on, accept it. We have been ignorant at some point of time towards wastage of water. Trust me, accepting would make it better and you will do it much lesser time & will eventually stop. We still have the time. Do it before our generations have to import water from other countries and curse us while paying taxes for water usage. This might seem like a pretty small thing for an individual, but it sure can create massive effect if done collectively.

The struggle is real

A few little stories to make remind how lucky we are and should inspire our friends, relatives to spread the word on saving natural resources.

  1. Pregnant women are travelling 10 to 12 km. daily to bring water from distant sources. This work requires their whole day which means taking care of their children and doing household works is not possible at all. This not only makes women lives hard with their husband but also poses a threat to his children who will be left without any education and life-guiding lessons from their parents, waiting in the queue with bottles in their hands to get water.
  2. Latur district of Maharashtra had witnessed 214 suicides in month of January to March in 2015 which has spiked to 273 in 2016. Clearly, nobody has listened to these farmers who spent their whole life trying to get basic necessities of human life.

I can go on telling you numerous stories but I hope you catch the idea and proceed towards being more awesome person that you are now.



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