When Kapil Sharma became Kejriwal

It Takes A Second To Wreck It,It Takes Time To Build.

It was not a long time ago when a man, born in a place well-known for producing tope class athletes, took the comedy at television level to storm with his impeccable timing and quirky reactions, thus gaining support from all the Bollywood Biggies upon being chosen as their promotional platform. That famous personality is Mr. Kapil Sharma who once again showed this world that it is not impossible for a person from mediocre background to become a huge success overnight, provided one works with utmost vigor and relentlessness towards one’s passion.
At first, it reminded me of 90’s era of when Television was the best source to leverage multimedia & it felt like the Television world is again to be wonderful, at least every Sunday night. But, it started to crumble (at least for me) when those double meaning one-liners and the pathetic jokes on his wife and father-in-law(as in show) were pushed down our throats in the name of family show.

Nevertheless it wasn’t a problem since everyone has a different taste in comedy, movies and other trivial things. Obviously, I was no more an ardent follower of ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ and it was going completely smooth as I once again entered into my realm of few good songs I have luckily accumulated from the mighty internet. But one fine day, I was awestruck by the news about the ‘comedy’ that happened over Twitter out of the blue involving  courageous #PM.


There was nothing new with that kind of news considering the fact that our leaders are always busy mostly in demeaning the leader of opposition rather than paying attention to actual work and some special one who are doing work of national importance like distributing ‘khaats’ to farmers.

The surprising thing was that he joined the epic league of political leaders with ‘Yugpurush’ Mr. Arvind Kejriwal when he went to ask Mr. PM about his problem’s solution & proved that he is no lesser thinker than the most famous IITian than this nation has ever witnessed.

Unfortunately, he forgot that BMC could actually backfire at him on account of neglecting the notice asking him not to build the building in residential area. Plus, I personally feel that if a person accepts bribe then he is equally wrong as the person who’s asking for it.
The question is why didn’t he complained at the first place ? If he is clear, why did he gave money to the BMC officer earlier. He could have used the same fan following upon being asked for bribe. But he didn’t went that way probably because he himself wanted the illegal thing to happen in spite of knowing it all along.

The sad part is he didn’t realized that showing extraordinary skills to directly ask PM like he is his very own personal assistant would lead to nothing but a feeling of senselessness among the people. We need to understand that our PM is not for solving problems for an individual. He is working on global issues like NSG membership, making pact with other countries in field of education, health sector and anti – terrorism measures.
It’s not that people are left on their own in these kind of situations. There are special anti-corruption bureaus for such issues. Go there, use your name and fame & tell them all you have to say rather than whining over a problem & entangle Mr. Modi with it.
Even Mr. PM wouldn’t have thought in his dream that the person whom he is nominating for ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ would litter in this way on social networking platform.

My request to Mr. Kapil would be that please don’t engage our PM in such petty things especially when you yourself are not clean(we already have one in capital), because the whole world is watching not yours but our PM’s twitter profile (Shri Narendra Modi is now the most followed Indian on twitter).

You are paying taxes (slow clapping) of 15 Crores INR in a country where still many people live on footpath and don’t get enough food. I hope you are living your ‘Acche Din !’


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